10 Truly Interactive Websites Built With CSS & JavaScript

10 Truly Interactive Websites Built
With CSS & JavaScript

All the websites are somewhat interactive, interactive means when clicking on any link or button or scrolling up or scrolling down they show the response regarding every action. But truly interactive websites are the websites that take us on a tour adventure or attract us with the sound with the power of choice.

You can count the interaction as simple as clicks that navigate through the different web pages to unfold the website's subject or they can be complex which can take us to the 3D environment to discover hidden content of the website. The interactivity of the website is nothing but a creative user interface created for the user.

In the early days of the website, sound effects were used to add the flash. Those websites were truly built-in Flash only. Using a flash, we used to enjoy the sound, movement & unfold the mystery of the website or we just used to have fun with the website's interface. Flash used to provide us immersion interaction & joy which is now rare to find.

Nowadays you can find it only with the gaming & movie websites, which helps us to enjoy the immersive interaction with the website. An immersive interaction is found as a core of all amazing websites, the reason behind this is Advanced WebGL & JavaScript. These websites are so interactive that you can't even imagine they are built with CSS & JS.

In this blog, we are going to the Top 10 Interactive websites, which are built with JavaScript & CSS

1. Humboldt County

This website helps us to discover Humboldt California using a playful way of navigation to help visitors to explore more & pin locations which are displayed in the full-screen video to plan a vacation to California Country.

2. Panera

Panera is a very interactive website that has been created using a CSS animation, that provides you a bright brand experience that you can experience through their three interactively modeled & animated landscapes.

3. Cobay.es

This website offers you an opportunity to speak out your opinion about animal testing with the help of different interactive experiences. Which you can pick up by your choice using scroll bars.

4. Carnival

Carnival's instant Caribbean vacation is an interactive website with a 360-degree video experience. Users are able to choose their own adventure with the help of the sights & sounds of the cruise vacation.

5. VHS Retro Minder

It is a gaming website built with HTML5, CSS & JS. This game displays the shots & movie names & you have to type the actor's name as fast as you can. Less time high score is a mantra of getting a high score & winning this game.

6. Posture & balance

It is a gaming website based on Cavalier, which is an exceptional experiment in WebGL & SVG to create fully immersed, browser-based 3D games.

7. Residento

A musical artist Residente has documented his travels around the world through a website. This website contains a map of the world through which we are connected to each other.

8. EyeZen

An EyeZen challenge is an immersive gaming experience, which works with Fanatic esports star Martin Rekkles Larsen & you can play games with him using your own eyes.

9. dfm.nu

This website has information about all FM Radio channels. So, you can tune into any radio channel around the world while just rotating the Globe.

10.Google Shopping

This website helps you to take a walk around New York City's famous window shopping tradition with 18 different stores & their magical displays with a 360-degree video experience.

The above-mentioned websites are the must-visit websites, which you can't figure out as they have been built with CSS & JS. After interacting with these websites, you can get to know about the power of CSS & JS in interactive website building.

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