5 Reasons Why We Recommend Sucuri to Improve Your WordPress Security

5 Reasons Why We Recommend
Sucuri to Improve Your WordPress Security

Every website often deals with website attacks like Brut Force attack, feed attack,
DDoS attack, changes in the code attacks & other spam.So, you need to be very
cautious about these things & need to keep a backup of your website. Sometimes,
due to these attacks website can get slow down as there is a load on the server &
may be due to this load server to restart causes downtime.This is the reason we
need to have a DNS level firewall solution. to achieve this solution you can take the
help of the Sucuri plugin.

Let's see how the Sucuri plugin helps you to protect your WordPress website?
Sucuri is basically a plugin that protects your website from hackers, malware, DDoS & blacklists. When you enable Sucuri, all your site traffic goes to their cloud proxy firewall before coming to your website hosting server,which helps them to block the attacks & only send legitimate visitors to your website.

The biggest benefit of the Sucuri is that it makes your website secure, the firewall used in your website makes your website faster & also you can save your money on your hosting bill as server load gets down.

As soon as you install a Sucuri plugin to your website,you can see the changes in the performance of your website. Also, you can find the attackers, attacks & their types on the dashboard of the Sucuri plugin.

Now, let's see what are the top reasons why we recommend Sucuri Plugin to improve WordPress security

In the beginning, we already have mentioned that Sucuri is best for protecting your
WordPress site from attackers but there are other reasons also why we recommend
it. These reasons are enlisted below

1.Blocks all the attacks

Sucuri's firewall blocks all the attacks even it touches your website server. Sucuri often proactively researches & reports potential security issues to the WordPress core team & third-party plugins.

Their team hardly works with the respective developer's team for fixing the security issues. Once they fixed the issues, Sucuri patches all those vulnerabilities at the firewall level, so you need to worry if you don't get a chance to update your plugin.

That means your website is always secure independent of plugin updates.

2.Website Integrity monitoring

Sucuri provides a 2-in-1 website Anti Virus package which has a Sucuri scanner. This feature scans your website every 3 hrs to ensure you that it is clean from malware, malicious JavaScript, malicious iframes, suspicious redirections & spammy links injection.

It also helps you to find that your WordPress website is not blacklisted by popular services like Google, Norton, AVG & Opera. Sucuri plugin helps you to keep your reputation &also keeps your users from seeing the warning message as - "The site ahead contains a harmful program".

3.Site audit log

Sucuri plugin keeps a track of everything that happens on your WordPress website. this log includes file changes, new posts,new users, last logins, failed logins & many other fields.

4.Server-side scanning

While dealing with smart hackers you need to keep an account for everything. Some hackers don't care about your user get infected by the malware. They just want to add banner ads on your old post or replace your affiliated links.

These types of hacks are very hard to catch because normally you can't find them as they are different from other ads & also they are not obvious. Also, you don't get blacklisted for one of them.

Therefore, server-side scanning is very useful. Sucuri plugin's server-side scanner goes through every WordPress & non-WordPress file to give surety that nothing suspicious exists on your server.

It also audits every change & keeps you informed about those changes.

5.Malware cleanup service

Although all of the reasons are very helpful for provoking you to install a Sucuri Plugin for your WordPress website, they also provide a malware cleanup service without any page limit & along with a blacklist removal feature. This service can be the best security expert for cleaning up your website.


Nowadays you are hearing that websites are getting hacked easily. In this case, we can honestly say that the Sucuri plugin is one of the best & most cost-effective security plugins for WordPress websites.

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