5 Reasons Why We Switched Away from Livefyre

5 Reasons Why We Switched Away from Livefyre

A few days ago we decided to make some changes to our website. We have changed our Livefyre commenting system to WordPress comments. In this blog, we are going to enlist some reasons behind this replacement.

But first of all why do we use Livefyre commenting on our website?

In the beginning, we were very satisfied with the Livefyre commenting because there was a reduction in the spam comments as registration was compulsory for commenting, it easily gets integrated with the social media & used to bring that conversation on the site. Everything was going well but as our site started growing we have found some issues with it.

Now, let's know what exactly happened? Why did we switch away from Livefyre?

1. Real-time Comments

Though it was a helpful feature offered by Livefyre where we used to have a chat-like conversation in commenting sessions. It was the best way to get engaged with the users. but as the website started to grow it became very hard to moderate. Spammers have found that to get approval for all their comments, they just need a registration.

To get rid of these spam comments we have started cleaning up them on a regular basis. but some of them were still there unless & until we got notified by the user that this comment is SPAM. But still, we are using it just because the user was using their Livefyre profile for commenting, so we were away from the SPAM sites.

Soon it came to an end as Livefyre launched a new feature, where users can use their website link in comments & the website publisher will not have any control over these comments. As soon as this feature was launched we started to see more SPAM comments on our blog, so we stopped using the real-time comment feature which was basic in Livefyre.

2. Like SPAM

This one is another strong reason we have found. The thing which attracted to Livefyre was it requires registration for commenting which we thought would be helpful to reduce SPAM comments. But we got totally wrong. It has a feature called like which was created with great intention, due to this system getting heavily abused.

How is it? then the answer is - any registered user can like any Livefyre comment, whenever a user likes a comment, their avatar gets created in that comment & that avatar is directly linked to the website of that user who has liked the comment. This thing provides a Do Follow backlink to the user's website.

In these avatars, we used to see a bunch of colorful logos, which were linked to spammy websites, credit card offers sites, etc.

The worst part of all is that we didn't get notified about who liked something on our website. There was no other way to find who is spamming our website, we only get to know about it when the user notified us about it.

So, whenever we have found that we are a victim of Like SPAM, we feel helpless that we are owning our articles & switching away from Livefyre.

3. Social conversation

It is another great feature offered by Livefyre. You can choose to bring which Facebook or Twitter conversation should get back to your article. Though it sounds great it's not perfected. We have come across lots of irrelevant comments coming from Twitter. though it is a good feature still it needs to be perfected & a better filter. We have tried to modify it but didn't work as per expectations.

4. Moderation

When we chose Livefyre, we thought that there would be 2-way communication between our WordPress database & Livefyre comments. This means that you require a WordPress Moderation for approval of Delete or reply to comments. But it's not true.

In the beginning, we found it helpful but soon we updated a Livefyre plugin & we got hundreds of comments pending moderations. Some comments were also there which are already moderated. We are not sure about what happened with the moderation but after updating the plugin only we have found it which was not good.

After contacting their support team, they told us to moderate the comments with the Livefyre moderation panel.

But there are some reasons that we don't like the Livefyre admin panel are like:

● No bulk moderation

You can't mark multiple comments as SPAM. We have to do it individually for each comment which is not easy.

● Poor individual moderation

To delete any comment we need to do 2 processes like first is to click on the delete button & second is you have to provide a reason for deleting that comment. This was so tedious.

● No control over comments

You can't have any control over the comments. For example, someone has commented great about your article but ends with the signature that is linked to their website which we can't delete or can't mark as SPAM.

● Replying is the pain

Whenever we get notified of a new comment on our website, we have to go to the Livefyre admin panel, where we can see on which article there is a new comment. So, we have to go to that article then we have to Approve the comment and after that, we can reply to that comment from there. This is a very helpless feature of the Livefyre comment moderation panel.

5. Formatting issues

We have found that Livefyre was adding some additional CSS as the text of a comment for some users. But we are not sure about it because it may be a user-end issue.

Another thing we have found is that it is not easy to add line breaks in your comment. So to reply to any comment we used to type it somewhere & then used to paste it in the reply. Sometimes our links used to get broken so we needed to add some extra spaces between the link & text after that. The biggest problem was that while typing your comment you use the shift + enter which shows that there is a

So, above are the reasons why we switched away from Livefyre. But still, we have found that some of our readers or users love Livefyre. We can suggest to them you can use it as per your responsibility. We would like here about your thoughts on the Livefyre.line break but still it doesn't work properly.

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