Animated Website - Benefit Or Waste Of Money

Animated Website - Benefit Or
Waste Of Money

In 2020, due to the pandemic situation , every business knows about the importance of websites & online presence. To increase an online presence they have started using online platforms like social media, search engines etc. To use these platforms, a website is a must & every business wants to create a website which is unique, creative & can give users a better experience.

To standout on these terms designers started to use animation on websites. Use of
animation on websites is not that much new thing, before 2020 also some websites
used to have it but it was not more than slider or any moving object, many people
even didn’t know that it is an animation.

But we know that, to stand out in the competition, you can use a way to reform old
things & use it in the new way. In today’s animated websites, you see animation with continuously moving objects which can give better user experience.

What is an animation used in a website?

Animation in websites can be used to explain a process or steps of complex things with illustrations. It can also be used to give users a unique experience of scrolling with moving objects on websites naturally & in a fluid way which helps to draw attention to something important , it may be an offer, a sale or a new launch product. We often see things on e-commerce websites or websites which offer some discounts on their services or products.

Does a use of animation really help?

Yes. A use of animation in websites is extremely helpful if not only used in a decorative way. Web designers or UI & UX designers use animation in websites to improve a work flow. Google also has accepted that use of motion in websites is very useful to increase the attention of users towards specific objects.

What are the benefits of using animation on websites?

The benefits of using animation on your website depends upon for what purpose
you are using it? On which object you are using it?

When we use this animation in the right way it provides you several benefits.

Like -It showcases unique features
Using animation you can showcase your product or your services, in unique ways & unique angles, it helps you to bring an awareness for your products & services. It
also helps to generate trust as users think that your website or product is not a scam.

It enhances design

A right use of an animation brings a life to your website & leaves a long lasting impression on users. We all know that websites which give you better user experience are revisited by users more & it also helps to increase the user engagement.

So, by using an animation in your website, you can enhance site design & usability but it will define it. The reason is animation holds many objects, so it may harm the usability of your website.

It helps to improve engagement & conversion

We know that movement is a life, so animation which brings a motion to your website, so it is likely to receive more attention & engagement. It also helps you to improve conversion rate, as animation is used for focusing offers, specific products based on current requirements etc.

Above are the benefits of the use of an animation in websites. But things are not always the same that seems to be. There are always some drawbacks of things which gives you benefits, likewise using animation in your website also have some drawbacks -

Too much can distract users

Use of much animation can distract users from the purpose of using it. If the animation is ineffective or overcrowded can annoy the users which leads to closing the websites.

It can slow your website -Using a lot of animation can slow your website. Which again leads to annoy the users & increase in bounce rate. These things are automatically reflected on the organic ranking of Google SERP.

So, can we use an animation or not? It purely depends upon the purpose of using it on your website. It should not affect the main purpose of your website & helps you to enhance usability & conversions.

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