Apple Worldwide Developers Conference - 2021

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference - 2021

Apple has announced its Worldwide Developers Conference 2021. This Conference
will be held digitally from 7th June 2021 - 11th June 2021. An Apple WWDC-2021 is the 32nd WWDC organized by Apple. As per the company’s previous conferences, all developers eagerly wait for the conference to be held in April month itself, but due to the COVID-19 situation, it is going to be held in June month.

The reason why this WWDC event is popular among worldwide developers is
every time Apple launches future technologies of their products like iPhones, Apple TV, Apple watch, etc.

To support young developers, Apple WWDC-2021 has a new competition for
students that is Swift Student Challenge. Through this challenge, Apple is inviting
young developers to interact with the Apple Engineers & developers which will help
students to learn new technologies & develop their coding skills. In Swift Students
Challenge, young developers have to work on Swift Playground. Swift Playground isan educational app for iPad & Mac which uses Swift coding. The Last date of
submission of entries for this Swift Students Challenge is 18th April 2021.

In WWDC 2021, the focus will be on the future of iOS, iPad, macOS, watchOS,
tvOS. There are rumors that in WWDC 2021 Apple will launch iOS15, iMac, Apple
tvOS14, iPhone 13, WatchOS8.

The main motto of Apple WWDC-2021 is “Bringing worldwide Apple developers
together & connect with them to Apple Engineers to learn about the latest
technologies ”.

Apple is expecting this event to be their best event to date in which Apple will
make announcements from keynote & state of Union stages, online sessions, 1:1
lab sessions & new ways of interaction for developers with Apple Engineers &
designers who help them to learn new frameworks & technologies.

As per every year’s Apple WWDC, this year’s conference is also an opportunity for
every developer from the world to learn new technologies, tools & frameworks
which will help to develop innovative & platform-dependent apps & games.

To know more about Apple WWDC-2021 & updates regarding it, Stay tuned

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