Best 404 Redirect Plugins For WordPress

Best 404 Redirect Plugins For

Have you ever come across a "404 URL Not Found" error in your website? Do you still stick to the same problem? Or are you not able to find suitable plugins for the same? then this blog is for you.

This problem mostly occurs when a user types a wrong URL & he is finding a URL that no longer exists in your website. This thing affects a user experience & which is harmful to an SEO ranking as well.

In this blog, you will learn about the best 404 Redirect Plugins which are free and easy to use.

First of all, let's see what are the causes of 404 error on your website

It is the most common question developers ask, if posts are existing on the website, it still shows a 404 error for the same post.

That could be the following reasons

1.Changes in the URL structure

WordPress provides you SEO Friendly URL Structure. If you make changes in
the URL structure, it changes the whole link structure of your website. So,
this is the reason why your site is showing a 404 error page even on the
existing post.

2.Missing or corrupt .htaccess

It is also one of the reasons why your website is showing a 404 error page. If you update your website by installing a new plugin, have changed a custom post type or a registered custom taxonomy, then it becomes impossible to access a new URL & you will face a 404 error page because your .htaccess file is not updated yet.

3.Moving your website to a new domain

After these causes, if you have moved your website from to, or moved WordPress to a new domain, then it may cause a site to show a 404 error page.

4. A post or page was deleted to move

If you have deleted a post or page, then you will get the 404 error page. At the same time if you have changed the URL of your post or moved it to another location & haven't updated an internal linking to a new location, then you will definitely face 404 pages not found error on your webpage.

How to fix the 404 error with the WordPress Plugins

The best way to tackle 404 pages not found error is to redirect your users to a new location as well as you have to inform web crawlers about those posts & pages by adding a 301-page redirect header message. By doing this you can improve your user experience as well as it will not affect your SEO rankings.

Now, let's take a look at plugins, which help you out to manage this issue


Actually, SeedProd is the best landing page builder which has a drag & drop option that helps you to build custom 404 pages. It provides you beautiful 404 error page templates to show a 404 error message.

It is also connected with popular email marketing sites, which helps you to convert your lost traffic into email subscribers. It also comes with the option of enabling "301 Redirect" for the 404 pages. While building a 404 error page you just have to enable the 301 redirects from settings & enter the URL to which you want to redirect your traffic.

To build your 404 pages you can add anything like images, timer, videos, buttons headlines, etc. to your 404 pages. The best thing about this plugin is that it doesn't depend upon the theme you are using for the WordPress site, So, you can design any type of 404 error page.


It is another powerful plugin, which helps you to easily set up redirects for the 404 error page with built-in options. after installing a plugin it tracks your 404 error pages. It has a set of strong regular expressions to match URL patterns, which you can use to redirect them to appropriate pages. this thing is very useful if you have moved your site with a different URL structure to WordPress.

If you have found that this plugin is very useful, still you have to take care of 404 login settings, if you haven't set up it properly then it will make your database very heavy. If you work on the setup properly then it is a very useful plugin & it is 100% free.

SEO Redirection Plugin

It is a very easy-to-use plugin to track 404 error pages & manage their redirects. It has a very simple interface to add & manage redirects. This plugin helps you to set up 301, 302, & 307 redirects, Crawler errors in Google webmaster & also supports WPML (WordPress Multilingual)integration.

IT also keeps a record of 404 error pages, so you can fix them immediately. It also creates a new table to your WordPress database to keep the record of all redirects. In this table, it stores a record like, how many times redirection occurs, when does it happen? when the URL is found & who fixed it.

All 404 Redirect to home page  

As the name suggests it is a simple-to-use plugin that redirects your 404 error page to your WordPress site's home page. After installing it you just have to add a URL of your homepage & the plugin will automatically redirect your error page to your home page.

This plugin also keeps a list of 404 error pages that redirect to a home page. So,you can easily fix them.

Custom 404 Pro

It is a minimalistic WordPress plugin that is very easy to use & it is free of cost. It helps you to set up 404 pages quickly within a few clicks only using this plugin,You can redirect your 404 error page to an existing URL or specific URL. It also supports 301, 302, 307 & 308 redirects. In addition, there is another feature that keeps a log of 404 errors & sends an email to the admin if he found a 404 error page. So, this plugin is very valuable to fix bad links on your website.

301 Redirect

301 redirects is another useful plugin that is very easy to set up & supports 301, 302 & 307 redirects in WordPress. It helps you to keep your website SEO friendly & also gives the user a great experience while redirecting them from the 404 error page to redirecting page.

It offers multiple options to choose page redirection locations like - images, posts, pages, or custom URLs. 301 Redirect allows you to import & export redirects rules which helps you to easily migrate from another plugin to 301 Redirect.As this plugin is easy to use, it doesn't keep a log of 404 error pages.

So, which is the best 404 redirect plugin to select?

In my opinion, SeedPRod is the best 404 redirect plugin to use. It is very simple to use & provides you drag & drop options to create custom 404 error pages that can enhance your user experience. Also, it provides you an email marketing service that helps you to grow your email subscriber list means that you can't lose your users.

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