Write For Us

Write For Us

Yes. It’s for you. We are looking for enthusiastic writers to “write for us”. If you are an author & you have confidence that you can challenge our readers & help us to get recognition in our industry then we are open for you.

To write for us, you don’t need to wait for a topic, you can select your own topic which provides fresh content to the reader's point of view.

We know that writing for us may give you lots of effort, but trust us we are helping you out only so that what you write will be the best in the industry. After submitting your article to us, you will get extensive feedback from our team, you can work closely with our editors.

It will also be beneficial for you as well, in this process, you will learn about, how to deliver your ideas, how to write about any topic or even about the topic which you already knew so well when you started writing about it.

What are we looking for

● A rough draft, partial drafter a short pitch paired with an outline

● An article that meets all blog writing standards like keywords stuffing, no plagiarism, no spelling mistakes, etc.

● An article should be on topics - HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS, SEO, & WordPress only.

● The length of an article should be 600-2,500 words, depending upon the complexity of the topic you are writing for.

● An article must be in a casual tone, which is very easy to read & should convey the topic in an easy way.

● You can send plain text files, doc files, or PDF files with the separate images which you want to add to your article. The image should have file type as jpg, jpeg, or png

How you can submit your article to “write for us”

If you would like to write for us & you want to contribute to html5awesome.com then simply send your article to [email protected].

You are always welcome to html5awesome.com

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