Does Changing WordPress Theme Affect Your Blog's SEO & Traffic?

Does Changing WordPress Theme
Affect Your Blog's SEO & Traffic?

Every blogger in the technical world wants to change the theme of their blogging site. But they are afraid that changing the theme may affect the SEO of their blog or traffic of their blog.

If the blogger has just recently started a blog, then he/she can change their WordPress blog theme later on. But the study shows that each time bloggers are afraid a lot, maybe changing themes can affect the SEO or they can lose the traffic coming to their website.

While reading the forums about the blogs, you may encounter several questions related to the same like My blog has a very good Alexa ranking & organic ranking on search engines, I am thinking of changing the WordPress theme of my blog. but I am afraid that messing up with the content & theme of my WordPress site may affect my traffic, indexing & ranking of my blog site & more than that I am not sure I can switch back to my old theme or not?

By the above question, we can say that this person is very much serious about changing the theme as well as the website traffic & I think it's very natural & valid question.

There are 3 things probably you need to think about before switching to the new theme:

1. In-built SEO options of theme

First one, does the WordPress theme you are using currently have in-built SEO options & are you using it, then switching to the new theme may affect the SEO of your blog. There are some themes available in WordPress that come with SEO, I think if you are thinking of switching your WordPress Blog to a new theme in the future then don't use those themes.


The second one is regarding SEO. If you are using some plugins for SEO your website or blog, then changing the theme may not affect the SEO or it may affect the SEO.

3.UI & UX

The third thing you need to take care of is the UI & UX of the theme, UI & UX mostly works for the look & feel of your WordPress theme for the user. Before switching to the new WordPress theme, you have to think about it as well because it may tend to affect the return traffic of your blogs.

So, does changing the WordPress theme affect your blog's SEO & traffic? First, I would like to tell you that there are some WordPress themes available, which don't need third-party SEO plugins, they have in-built SEO settings.

There are some third-party plugins that are also available which you can configure with any theme to increase the SEO quality of your blog. You can select one of them for your WordPress blog theme.

Suppose, you are using a theme that is nicely configured with the all required SEO configurations like, Meta description, title, canonical tag, etc. then switching it to a the theme, which doesn't have these configurations becomes very harmful for SEO & the traffic of your website. So, in the future you don't want to face any problem like this, I suggest that you don't use the theme with in-built SEO settings.

It is a good practice to use an SEO plugin, so that whenever you think of switching your WordPress theme because it will help you to keep the original SEO configuration of your website. Sometimes, after switching your WordPress theme to a new theme you will encounter a problem with heading tags like, & , so you need to take care of it.

After the discussion of SEO & traffic, you also need to take care of the look & feel of your blog. If currently, you are using a theme that is so simple & which gives users room to read the content only then don't switch to a theme that is very vigorous.

For example, you are using a fresh white color theme currently & for the new theme you choose dark colors, they will definitely affect the look & feel of your blog, you may lose the return users of your blog.

So, before switching to a new theme, you have to check that the theme you are going to use is SEO optimized or not? Though switching to a new theme affects very less your SEO & traffic still you may lose the number of users for your blog.

So, there is a recommendation that you can take the help of WordPress theme developers, who can help you out by developing a theme that is very helpful to keep your SEO ranking & traffic as before.

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