Top 10 Essential Tools for Web Developers

Top 10 Essential Tools for Web

Every web developer dreams of a website that is attractive, user-friendly & should follow the digital marketing aspects. Nowadays, every business in the market is trying to go online & use a digital marketing platform for their businesses. To stand out in the crowd they have to follow the high standards for their websites. In this blog, we are going to list the top 10 tools for web developers which will be helpful for you to develop a website that will follow the SEO standards with an attractive look & feel.

1.Meta Tags

We all know that meta tags include, meta title & meta description which count as a Google Snippet, which are primary factors of an SEO, these are on-page factors that can be shown to the users when they searched your website on search engines like Google, Bing, Opera or many others.                                                                            
There are some points you need to keep remember while adding meta tags to your websites                                                                                                              
● Meta tags length
● Inclusion of keywords                                                                                                          
To follow all these things is a very helpful tool that helps you to design meta tags with their look on search engines. A specialty or you can say thecherry on the top of using is it also provides you with help for writing status on social media channels.

2. Extract CSS

In SEO, page speed is an important on-page factor to follow. Because it also reacts to another SEO factor which is a bounce rate which shows how much a user is engaged with your website. If the page loading time is high then a user exits from a website without looking & surfing for other pages this leads to an increase in bounce rate & these things affect the website rankings on search engines. Many web developers have a practice that, they write CSS code as per their requirement, they follow the rule try & error. This means that they always do changes in HTML code by adding CSS until they find the result they want.
This practice results in lengthy code, which is not possible to upload on a website as it increases a page load time & which results in the above mentioned circumstances.
To avoid these circumstances, can help you out. It is the best tool for web developers, which divides large HTML files into two different files as pure HTML code & CSS stylesheet. It also arranged a CSS stylesheet as per id, class & tags.


While testing a page speed, you get an error for minifying some HTML, CSS, or js files. Minifying is the process of removing unused data without affecting how resources are processed by the browser. It includes removing comments, unused code, formatting & using shorter variable names & variable names., another web developer tool helps you for minifying your files, which boosts your website speed. That can result in an increment in traffic & organic ranking.

In SEO, website performance matters a lot, which helps you to get a number of users that is the traffic that helps you to get a higher rank in organic results. So, many websites use a direct linking of fonts, plugins, or extensions which get loaded online. While using these technologies, it always gets updated, if we are unaware of that we can face issues while loading websites. So, it is necessary that you should get notified of it, helps you out with this. is an extension we can add to Google Chrome. It boosts your website & helps to monitor the web apps. It monitors the number of visitors, WordPress plugins updates, fonts updates, etc. It also notifies you that technology you are using in your website when it is started & when it stopped. So, it is an essential web developer tool that helps you to increase your  site performance.

Nowadays everyone uses smartphones & tablets, thus making your website responsive for each & every device is necessary. A responsive website means making your website visible with the same look & feel irrespective of a device. Responsively. app helps you to make your website responsive which gives you a preview of the look & feel of your website on every available device. It is a very helpful web developer tool that can suggest to you an arrangement of components used in a website.


A primary need of any website is its look & feel. That is the UI & UX of a website. While making a website, when we stick to a color theme that represents your website, it affects a lot of users. If you use a color theme that is more natural & calm, it helps you to increase user engagement.

Following are some websites to work on color selection for your websites:                                                                                                                            
a. - A very unique website, which gives you color code that looks good on the website.
b. - It gives the color codes of your selected website. If you are referring to a website for designing, you are not able to get the color used in the reference website, then this tool is for you.
c. - The gradient is a mixing of two or more colors that gets you an attractive background for your website. This website helps you to arrange different colors & gives you a preview of the mixing of colors.
d. - This website helps you to develop color themes as well as typography for your website. The above-mentioned tools are the best web developer tools when there is a thing of color selection.

Icons & logos used in websites are some of the attractive parts of websites. This suggests more about the information hiding behind the logo or icon. There are many sites available that give you free icons. Logos should be self-created.                
a. - This website helps you to create your own free logo which is free of cost.
b. - This website provides you with free icons which are easily available for download.
c. - This website provides you free icons & helps you to create your own vector illustrations with their free platform.

8.Free Website Hosting Services

When you think of a website, you have to buy a domain name, which is hosted by many hosting platforms. But there are also platforms available that help you get free hosting for your website.

Following a list of available tools which hosts your website for free:          
a. - It is a completely free website hosting site, which provides you many facilities regarding your website.
b. - provides you domain or website hosting with minimal charges.
c. - This website provides you website hosting with minimal charges & provides you facilities that are very much required for digital marketing.
d. Google cloud hosting- It hosts static & dynamic websites on the cloud platform with facilities like analytics tools, webmaster tools.

9.AWS Practical Book & Cheat Sheet

AWS is an Amazon Web Services, it is a cloud platform that is the world’s
most comprehensive & broadly adapted platform, which provides you 200
fully featured services from worldwide data centers. AWS practical book & cheat sheet provides you a bird's eye view of important Amazon Web Services. It also provides you free use of each service which can help you to develop your website.

10. Freelancing Resources

Freelancing resources are the resources that guide you in the web development process.                                                                                                                                        
Zero to Sold - It is a comprehensive & actionable guide through the four stages of bootstrapped business like preparation, survival, stability & growth. - This website helps you as a complete guide to developing a website by using only your website requirements.

The above are the top 10 essential tools for web developers that help you to develop your website with market standard & without much hesitation.

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