Gravity Forms vs Wufoo - Which is Better to Use?

Gravity Forms vs Wufoo - Which is Better to Use?

We already have seen so many plugins which help us to create a form in the WordPress site. In this blog, we are going to seethe comparison between Gravity Forms & Wufoo platforms which gives a better form management solution for the WordPress site. Here we are going to judge these form management platforms as per the developer's point of view.

So let's start it


When you are developing a website for a business that is new in the market, obviously you think about the budget for developing your website. so, as a web developer, you think more about the pricing of the plugins you are going to add to your website. That is the reason pricing is one of the most important factors for comparison between these two platforms.Gravity form is a plugin in WordPress while Wufoo is a hosted service. To grab all the features of the Gravity form you need to pay $199 for the developer's pack & if you coupon it will reduce up to $149. This price is for 1year with all the technical support & updates.

If you want to renew it after 1year, you have to pay only 50% of the whole package.To get all these advantages with Wufoo you have to buy their Bona Fide plan which costs around $29.95/month which makes $359/year.So, in the case of pricing Gravity Form is a winner.

Usage Restrictions

As Wufoo is a hosted service, there is a restriction on the usage. If you have a bona fide plan you are allowed only 5 users. In the Wufoo forms, you will get unlimited forms & reports but you are allowed to enter only 3000entries/month & if your form is accepting an attachment it grabs around 1GBof storage. If you want to add more entries you can upgrade to their higher plans which cost around $199.95/month which allows entering 100000entries.IT totally depends on how large your website is.Just in case if you cross the limitation of entries you have to pay $0.05 for each entry afterwords.

In the case of Gravity Forms, it is exactly the opposite of the Wufoo. You have unlimited forms, unlimited users (users which you have mentioned while installing a WordPress) & there is as much storage available as your web hosting plan allows. And yes of course, you can put unlimited entries.

So, ultimately the winner is Gravity Forms.

Ease of Use

Truly speaking, both platforms are easy to use. They both allowed you to use the drag & drop option to create a form. Both Gravity Forms & Wufoo are easy to learn. When there is a case of managing entries Wufoo interface is more superior to the Gravity Forms as they are not restricted by the WordPress back end user interface. Gravity forms are restricted to the WordPress back end UI therefore, it doesn't provide that many superior user interfaces with icons.

In Wufoo, you can navigate through entries very easily.You can also edit,delete, email & print entries very easily. In the Gravity forms though you have these options they are not that much clear. You will not find the navigation option for the entries in the entry page of the Gravity forms.The winner for the Ease of use is Wufoo.


Security is a crucial part when there is a case of collecting important information from the users. Though Gravity forms isa secure plugin, still it is a service. It doesn't come with SSL certification therefore, security is are sponsibility for you. On the other hand, Wufoo comes with SSL encryption,so all your data get transmitted securely.

If you buy an SSL encryption which costs around $75& installs GravityForms in your website, then Gravity forms are morecompatible to use.In short, in the case of security, if you buy SSLencryption with Gravity Forms then both Gravity forms & Wufoo are the same. Otherwise, Wufoo is a winner.

Multi-page forms

We mostly use forms on the website to collect the leads. So as much as information you get from the user you can providea superior service. If you have multi-page forms you can increase the form submission rate.Both platforms have the option of creating multi-pageforms. In the layout,you will find a progress bar that indicates how longthe web form is.

In Wufoo you have a partial form submission available.This feature is very useful as most of the time, users never submit allthe form fields & they exitthe form, so in this case, Wufoo helps you a lot asit saves the partial information submitted by the user. IT saves the informationas the user progresses to the new form.

So, if you have 2-3 questionor form fields on one form then you will get as much information from the user.On the other hand, Gravity Forms don't have the feature of saving partialinformation. If you really want more information from the user to recognize itas a lead then you should go for the Wufoo. So, the winner is Wufoo.

Third-Party Integrations

In the case of third-party integration, Gravity Forms have integration with Aweber, MailChimp, Freshbooks, PayPal & Twilio. Theseallow you to collectemails from your forms & also payments.Wufoo is in the market since 2006, currently, they have spent $ 35 million toadd integrations with a lot of third parties. They have integrated with notonly Aweber, MailChimp, Freshbooks, PayPal but alsowith Salesforce, GoogleCheckout & many more.

So, Wufoo is the winner as it has a lot of third-party integrations than the Gravity Forms.

The ability for accepting guest posts

Gravity forms allow you to accept the guest posts & save them as drafts.Which is so much helpful to manage our WordPress gallery.You can also getthe option of categories, attachments & tags, etc.On the other hand, Wufoodoesn't provide this feature for WordPress. So, ultimately Gravity Form is a winner.

New user registration support

Gravity forms have powerful user registration addons that work great withmulti-site & BuddyPress installs. On the other hand,Wufoo lacks such integration with WordPress.The winner is Gravity Forms.


As you can see both the platforms have something unique to offer & it is so hard to compare them with one another. So, it totally dependson your requirements for creating a website.

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