How COVID-19 Is Affecting Science & Technology?

How COVID-19 Is Affecting Science & Technology?

In this year 2021, we all were expected that there will be fewer signs of COVID-19,
everyone is expected to survive everywhere without masks & there will be no restrictions.

In January 2021, our expectations were fulfilled somewhere, but from February
2021 we are seeing another chapter of COVID-19. Currently, in May 2021, we are
facing a double-strong coronavirus with new symptoms.

This COVID-19 is more likely becoming a puzzle to scientists. Every scientist around the world is working on vaccines & how to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Though in 2021, we have different companies' vaccines available, we still have a fear of infection. But, as we all know, “a negative situation for others can be a positive situation for someone”.

From the perspective of Science & Technology, the above quote is perfectly working. Due to COVID-19, Scientists are working on new medicines & vaccines while in terms of technology every business is facing up & downs.

Let’s see how this COVID-19 is affected science & technology -

Drone Deliveries or aired deliveries

Before COVID-19, there were delivery boys who used to carry goods to your doorstep. There was a chain of workers or some groups behind it. But, due to lock down situations & social distancing, these things were not possible. There was a ban on everything.

These were not that much good for the medical field & patients, though there were
lots of facilities available for this field those were not many. “Every necessity is a boon to innovation”, regarding this quote there is a new way goods delivery has been invented, that is drone delivery. As we all know that the main reason for spreading COVID-19 is touch, so, for contact less deliveries anywhere drone deliveries are the best option. Currently, it is used in medical fields mostly to provide vaccines, medicines, blood, etc.


This pandemic situation of COVID-19 has accelerated the technology in many ways like a new normal has started, in which we are doing daily office work from home. Which states that we are doing everything we used to do but in a different manner. Schools are working online, there are movies getting released online, we are doing our office work online, you are buying your food from mobile, everything is working as it is but their work definition has changed.

The world is expecting these changes in the Year 2025, but due to COVID-19, we are looking at these changes in the year 2020-21 only. That is nothing but a tech celeartion. It is the same as in the Year 2008, cloud computing has innovated & in the Year 1939, in world war 2 new weapons were innovated. It means that every crisis accelerates the technology to a new level.

Use of robots in the medical field
As COVID-19 spread gradually from group to group. It’s not possible for each doctor & other medical staff to monitor every patient. In this case, science has become a boon to the medical field.

To date we know that robots can do every work, there will be robots everywhere instead of humans. But, we used to think that these things would not be possible, but COVID-19 has made it possible.

The main reason to use robots in the medical field is to stop the spread of COVID-19 Only. Now, you can see the use of robots is not only increasing in the medical field but in other fields also.

Supply chain breakdown
Due to this lock down situation many factories were not working, their workers were not able to come due to the ban on travel. So, many of the small industries are affected due to COVID-19. The main thing which is affected and which is becoming a necessity nowadays is electronic gadgets.

As everyone is working online & everyone is at home, they all need new electronic
products like mobiles, tabs, laptops, headphones, TVs, washing machines, fridge. It means that the demand for these electronic gadgets increased suddenly. Every industry depends on the other industry, like if tv’s screen is made by one company then the circuit which is required to manipulate tv is made by another one. But due to the pandemic situation of COVID-19 if one industry is not working then the whole business collapses as there is a break in the supply chain.

Every pandemic situation in the world becomes a milestone for science & technology in terms of many aspects. It boosts new innovation, it becomes a curse for some industries or it can be a boon to some industries.

Likewise, the pandemic situation due to COVID-19 is also a boon or curse for many
industries. It has given us ideas of new normal & helped us to accelerate our world in many manners.

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