How Do HTML, CSS & JavaScript Work Together?

How Do HTML, CSS & JavaScript
Work Together?

In our daily life while internet surfing we always encounter websites. Have you ever found out how these websites work?

How do you get the readable information? How do they use the colors in the content or background?

Looks difficult, no? But trust me it's not at all a difficult task. It is like how simply you get connected to the website through the internet in the same simple way some web technologies work together to bring you a website you are using. HTML,CSS & JavaScript are main web technologies that work together to form a front-end of any website. For information delivery HTML is used, to make that information more attractive CSS is used & to work on interactions JavaScript is used.

In reality, there are many web languages available, but HTML,CSS & JavaScript are considered to be the backbone of the web. Mainly there are 2 parts of web development - Front-end development & back-end development. HTML,CSS & JavaScript are responsible for the Front-end developments, that is what you look & interact with the website. That is the reason they are called Client Side language as well, means that these languages work on the user's device. The browser translates these languages & results into your webpage.

There is one important thing to remember is that HTML & CSS are not programming languages. HTML is a markup language & CSS is a styling language. However JavaScript is a programming language. So they all are programming languages & they have their own jobs to be performed.

If you are a beginner at web designing, this blog will help you to learn How HTML,CSS & JavaScript interact with each other to give you a final website. To make it easy to understand you can consider a website as the human body. Yes, a little bit weird, no? but you will understand it. It is the same as how the human
body interacts with surroundings in the same way a website interacts with the users.

Website as a Human Body

These three languages work together, same as the human body. We can suppose a human body as a sort of command center, we wear the accessories to represent our personal style & actions we perform is a way of our body animating ourselves to the surroundings. So, the purpose of this discussion is that we can refer to HTML as our body, the style we follow as a CSS & our body actions as a JavaScript. So, these things work together to get connected with the surroundings in the same way, website's functionality, visual appealing & interaction work together to get connected to the users.

Now, let's these web languages one by one


HTML is a "HyperText Markup Language ''. It works as a structural programming language, that means that while writing a code we need to follow a structure.Itmainly contains tags which are used to display the information on the browser.

There are specific tags for texts, links & images to display it on the browser. It is simply a representation of the information which you can only see and read.

For example


This tag will display the Content on the browser. But it's not that useful. It is so boring to read the pain text, same as a book. You can also relate it with the human body as is it ok when we know people only by face?

Means we can see them but we can't get that much connected with them. To get to know any person we need to know about their style & their way of interacting with us. In the same way to make your website more attractive & interactive you need CSS & JavaScript with HTML.


CSS is a Cascading Style Sheet. It provides a structure & style to the content you are representing through HTML tags. You can say it as accessories we used to add to give look to your website.

CSS contains properties which can be used to style text, images & links. These properties contain a property name & value. For example, font-size : 20px. You can use CSS with HTML as a

Inline CSS

If CSS properties are used along with HTML tags in the same line are called as an inline CSS.

For example


This property will show the text Content with 20px font size.

Internal CSS

If CSS used as a separate buch of properties within the HTML file only, then we call it as a Internal CSS. Here we have to mention a tag to which you want to provide a style. It is more convenient when you want to use more than 2-3 properties at a time. For example, p{color:red; font-size : 20px;}

The above code will show a text from p tag in Red color with 20px font-size.

External CSS

It is a separate CSS file which you have to link with a HTML file. In this file we have to mention all the properties related to each tag you are going to use in the HTML file.

For example, program.html has a tag


& style.css has a code p{color:red; font-size : 20px;}.

So, you have to connect these 2 files with a link tag in HTML.

When the HTML file starts loading on the browser, browser will fetch the css file, whenever it encounters a link tag while executing a code & will show you a text Content with red color & 20px font-size.To get these work you have to use a tag

Now, you can say that you have added accessories to represent the style of the human body. But still it looks like a mannequin, right? Now, we need interaction also. So here comes JavaScript. JavaScript - It is the same as a programming language. It is responsible for the behaviour of your website. It allows users to interact with the browser. Keep in mind that it's not Java, it's JavaScript that is far more differ than Java. JavaScript helps user to interact with the website still in limited way.

For example, with HTML you can create a web form, with CSS you will make it attractive which provokes users to fill it & after submitting that form JavaScript will start working like fetching the values from form fields & displaying it on webpage. All these things still work on the front-end only, but Still your website is interacting with a user. Same as a person's body interacting with the surroundings.

You can use this JavaScript internally as well as externally. You can add button events, mouse-click events in the JavaScript file. Conclusion - Now, you have come to know about the basic fundamental web technologies HTML,CSS & JavaScript & their working with each other. If you work on these technologies you can easily make a website but with a limitation.

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