How Images are Effective for your Website?

How Images are Effective for your Website?

There is a proverb that “Images speak more than words”. It is the same for the
images on the website also. We ourselves don’t like to see or read a website that
has only content, not any image or picture or fewer images.

So, the first impression of your website is very important, it takes only 1/20th sec
for a user to check whether the website is trustworthy or not. They valued your
website on the basis of optimized images, images that actually show your products & represent your brand. That means it is important to add appropriate, optimized & minimal images to your a website that is effective for the user.

Let’s see How Images are Effective for your Website

Do images affect user engagement?
Yes. Images are effective in case of user engagement, more stable, optimized
images are very effective to increase user engagement. But, the stock images are very impactful, they can easily be recognized as fake images & don't feel genuine to users. If we add actual images from the organization or the products are very impressive, which shows what the organization is about.

Nowadays users are very smart, as they are always surfing through the internet for
daily activities, so they easily caught images that are fake, cropped, or pixelated. If users found about these, they don’t even wait to get the website completely loaded
they leave the website within a fraction of sec.

So, the conclusion is that to increase user engagement you have to put images that
are genuine which are photographed or created within your organization only.

What things to keep in mind for images?

Images should not be copyrighted. Images which are going to be used in your
website should be suitable for the purpose of your website or a look at your website. If your website is about your baking business & showing an image with potato then of course it is not impressive at all. The same thing about your website
theme also.

If you want to add images on a website that represents the environment of your
the organization then avoid adding images that show smiling faces around the
conference table or large group photos of staff members.

What style of images can you use?

It completely depends on the website. It depends on your business also. If you have a business of real estate or business-related to construction then you have to use images which are actual photographs of the property or your building also that images should be bright or images that lighten the mood of users. These things provoke them to click on more images. If you are adding images for the website which represents a school then you have to add images that show how much your school is comfortable & best for students.

In the end, the style of your images completely depends upon your website.

Which image file type is suitable for your website?

If you want to add realistic photos or images which have gradients then jpeg file
type is best & if you want to add images with flat designs like illustrations or logos
then you have to use png type.

It is not good practice to add realistic images with file-type PNG as it makes your

Does it make a difference for using large size or small size images?

Actually, it is good practice if we add images of a small size. The reason behind this
is every person in the world opens a website on smartphones so, it needs to load
your website fully without pixelled & cropped images. It also helps to improve your
website loading time as well as user experience.

Which images are bad for your website?

I would say stock images are always bad for your website, these images are easily
available for everyone. So, there are chances that the image which you are showing
on your website is used by other websites also. So, it leaves a bad impression on
your user.

Custom images mean images that are photographed or created within your organization are always best for your website. It shows that you are genuine &
trustworthy which helps you increase return visitors to your website. Which
develops more user engagement & trust.

How many images you can add to your website?

In my opinion, you have to add a minimal amount of images. Again it depends on
your business, if your business is about photography then you have to add more &
more images that are photographed by you. If your business is about the mechanical industry then you add minimal images which tell about your organization.

In the end, the conclusion is that a website without an image is like “celebrating a birthday without a cake”.

You have to add well optimized, the minimal amount of images that are genuine & represent the purpose of your website & organization.

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