Tips & Tricks to Increase Speed of your WordPress Site

Tips & Tricks to Increase Speed of your WordPress Site

Do you have your website ready? Are you looking for things that help you to speed
up your website? Or Do you want to use different plugins to boost up the speed of
your WordPress site? Then these tips & tricks will help you a lot. The speed of a website is one of the factors for SEO, usually, it measures in seconds. You can categorize your website speed as 0-1 sec High, 2-3 sec Moderate, 4-5 sec is low speed. So, while designing & developing a WordPress website you have to keep eye on website loading time. Your website should load in the 5 sec., if it takes more time than that then the bounce rate of your website will be increased which is not a good practice for organic ranking.                                                                                        
The plugins which you used in your website may consume your website memory, so you have to use plugins that help you to increase your website speed.

Following are the Tips & Tricks to Increase the Speed of your Website

1.Choose a Better Web, Hosting Provider
It is a major factor in increasing the speed of your website. While hosting a
website, it seems that you will go for the sharing hosting provider which
offers you unlimited bandwidth, space, emails, domains & many more.
But, shared hosting fails to give you good speed at peak times of traffic.
Sharing hosting also gives you poorer performance as there is a sharing of
server space with other websites which is countless, about which you don’t
know anything.
Nowadays, the website industry has developed so much that you can cloud
web hosting platforms at less cost. Now, you can buy dedicated cloud servers
from amazon web services & Google Compute Engine at a nominal price.
Setting up these servers can be a critical task as they need to set up from
scratch, but regarding performance, they are best.

2. Use Lightweight Website Theme
To make your website attractive we use many dynamic elements, sliders,
widgets, social icons & many more. If your website has too many elements &
a higher page size, badly affects the server, which results in higher loading
time. So, therefore, you have to use a lightweight theme.

3. Optimizing Images
We all know that images are more useful in a website, it refreshes the user
experience of your website & are quite attractive to the user. But, the more the
number of images, the more page loading time.
In case, to boost up your website speed, you can optimize the images that you
are going to put on your website. To optimize images you can use either Google page speed Insights extension
or WordPress plugins.

4. Compress CSS & JS Files
While a Google Page Speed Insights on your website, you got a notification
about mini fying some files. These files are usually CSS & JS files, which
provide styles & functionality to your website respectively.
Instead of using many CSS & JS files, you can reduce the number of files &
improve the speed of the website.
There are some plugins available on WordPress, which help you keep an eye
on the speed of the website while adding HTML, CSS & JS files.

5. Use CDN
There are so many people around the world who visit your website. Page
loading time will differ depending upon the location of your visitors if they
far from the location where you have hosted your website, they may
experience a delay in page loading time.
To manage this type of situation you have to use a CDN(Content Delivery
Network). It keeps your website speed at a minimum and does not depend
upon the countries from which visitors are located.                                                            
A CDN keeps a copy of your website & gives the nearest location copy to the
In this way, the use of CDN for your website can manage the speed of the

6. Enable Gzip Compression
We know that compressing files can help to reduce memory usage, in the
the same manner, on the web, we can use GZip compression, which reduces the
bandwidth usage & time it takes to access your website.
GZip compresses various files, so that whenever a user tries to access your
website, firstly, the browser has to unzip all files, this process reduces the
bandwidth usage to a considerable extent.

7. Frequent Clean up of WordPress Data
Cleaning up your data from databases keeps the size of the database to a
the minimum which affects reducing the size of your backups.
It is also useful when we frequently delete the unused comments, fake users,
unused themes & unwanted plugins because it will reduce the size of the
database & web files, which helps you to increase the speed of the WordPress

8. Disable or Uninstall Plugins
Keeping unwanted plugins on your WordPress site may add much amount of
junk to website files. IT also increases backups & puts a load on your server.
So, it is good practice to remove or disable the unwanted plugins from your
website. To do this job you can take the help of third-party plugins also.

9. Keep External Scripts to Minimal
More use of external scripts may increase the website load time, as it has to
load data from other sources. So, it is a good practice to keep it minimum or
you can add only essential scripts like Google Analytics or commenting

10. Disable Pingbacks & Trackbacks
Pingbacks & trackbacks are two essential components of WordPress. IT helps
you to track an external linking to your website, which is useful but it is
harmful to the server.

The reason to not use these components is that whenever someone tries to
link up your site, there is a generation of requests from WordPress back &
forth, it puts an undesirable amount of strain on the server.                                              
If you want to track this type of linking you can use Google Webmaster or
other tools which tell you the number of backlinks as sources from which
they are generated.

The reason behind decreasing the speed of your website is it helps you to
improve the user experience. The changes in speed also remain the same in
the case of mobile devices or tablets.
So, using the above tips & tricks you will definitely increase the speed of your WordPress website.

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