Nightwatchjs vs Playwright What Are the Differences?

Nightwatchjs vs Playwright What
Are the Differences?

We all know that testing is a crucial part of any application or a website before launching it into the market. In recent years online marketing is boosted as everyone is getting online for everyday life chores, for example, shopping, ordering food, learning, playing games, watching movies & web series, etc. Due to the pandemic situation of COVID-19, globally it is boosted beyond expectation.

Have you ever imagined what happens when your website suddenly stops working properly or it takes so much time to load or what if your customer is not able to find the required things easily?

Sounds like you are getting a red alert from your website?


According to the survey, around 70%-80% of customers or users leave the website when it takes more than 3 sec to load the website which tends to lose your market reputation as well as organic ranking on SERP of Google & other search engines. But still, you can handle the situation by running some tests on your website with the help of Automation testing.

In automation testing, there are so many tools available with the help of these tools you run testing on your website. Some of the tools are Nightwatchjs, Playwright, LambdaTest, etc.

These tools are nothing but browser testing tools that need to integrate with other testing tools like Selenium to work with. Nightwatchjs & Playwright are the webs testing that with Node JS, which is an open-source runtime environment that runs on a chrome browser.

In this, we are going to see the difference between Nightwatchjs & Playwright for testing websites or web apps. Let's go for it.

What is Nightwatchjs?

It is an Automated testing & continuous framework based on Node.js & selenium web driver. Nightwatch js is an easy-to-use end-to-end testing solution for browser-based web apps & websites. It uses Selenium WebDriver API to perform assertions & commands on DOM elements.

What is the Playwright?

It is basically a load library used to conduct automation testing on Chromium, Firefox & WebKit with a single API. It works as a cross-browser web automation testing which is reliable, capable & fast.

So, basically, we can classify Nightwatchjs & Playwright as Browser Testing tools.

Features offered by Nightwatchjs are

Clean Syntax

Simple yet powerful syntax which helps you write test cases easily & very quickly using only JavaScript i.e. Node.js & CSS or XPath selectors.

Built-in test runner

Built-in command-line test runner which executes tests either parallel or sequentially, together, by group, tags, or single.

Selenium Server

Controls the Selenium Standalone server automatically in a separate child process, which is able to get disabled when Selenium runs on another server.

Easy to extend

Flexible commands & assertion framework which are easy to extend in order to implement application specific commands & assertions.

Features offered by Playwright are

Support for all browsers

It supports cross-browser testing on all browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge & Apple Safari.

Fast & reliable execution

Playwright interactions auto-wait for element to-be ready. Which improvises reliability & simplifies test authoring.

Powerful automation capabilities

Playwright is an out-of-process automation driver which works multiple domains, pages & frames & it is not limited to in-page JavaScript Execution.

Integrates with your workflow

It is easy to install & it automatically downloads browser dependencies for your team & gets onboarded quickly.

Pros & Cons of Nightwatchjs


● Automates browser

● With the use of Selenium, it is better for Cross-browser testing

● Open-source


● There is automatic wait available with Nightwatchjs

Pros & Cons of Playwright


● Cross-browser

● Has a test-runner

● Well documented


● Less help

Tools that integrate with Nightwatchjs

● Node.js

● Selenium

● BrowserStack

● Lambda Test

Tools that integrate with Playwright

● Firefox

● Chromium

● Checkly

● Root Cause


By the above comparison, we can say that both Nightwatchjs & playwright work with Node JS. Nightwatchjs works better with a Selenium for cross-browser testing & Playwright directly works with Node js library for browser testing. It means that you can choose one of them depending on your website or web application, i.e. it totally depends on the tools which are available in your project.

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