Sucuri or CloudFlare - Which Is Better?

Sucuri or CloudFlare - Which Is

Do you know that the above-mentioned WordPress plugins are used to secure your
website? These both plugins offer you website firewalls, DDoS Protection & CDN. Before starting to compare between these two plugins, you always need to know that “There is no any plugin available which perfectly protects your website, it depends on your demand at that time.”

The main difference between Cloudflare & Sucuri is, CloudFlare is a better Content
Delivery System than security service provider. Sucuri offers you a better service provider for your website to protect it from internet attacks.

Sucuri doesn’t provide free alternatives but CloudFlare can provide free packages with limited functions. Cloudflare & Sucuri are much different from each other in case of price, features & Malware handling process.

Let’s see how they are different from each other

  1. Price - For every business, money is more important, but if you are a startup or small business then you will try to take free services first. But remember free is not always better.

Sucuri Price -  Sucuri doesn’t offer you a free plan, Sucuri’s basic plan starts with a price $199.99/year which is less than Pro-plan of Cloudflare. This basic plan includes a Website Application Firewall, Malware removal, free encrypted SSL certification, website monitoring & DDoS protection. With this inclusion, they also offer you 24 x 7 support with live chat.

Cloudflare Price - It offers you free CDN regardless of your bandwidth, which means that Cloudflare doesn’t charge you anything depending on your traffic. You can use their CDN service for free.

What you will miss in the free plan?

Though Cloudflare offers you CDN, DDoS attacks, bad traffic, etc. there is no inclusion of Website Application Firewalls in the free plan If you want to use it you have to switch your plan to Pro. If you want custom SSL & advanced DDoS then you can upgrade to a business plan. If you want to add Enterprise-grade DDoS mitigation then you can choose an Enterprise plan.

Then who has beat the price?

Sucuri doesn't offer you a free plan but its basic plan starts at $199.99/year which is less than CloudFlare’s pro plan which is $220/year with the inclusion of important features. So, Sucuri is better in pricing.

2. Features
When we add any plugin to our website, then we mainly focus on the features offered by those plugins. In the case of both Sucuri & CloudFlare, they both offer different features in different plans. So, before choosing any of them analyze your requirements first.

Sucuri Features

● It is one of the most trusted plugins for website monitoring & malware removal.

● IT offers scanning malware, website monitoring, DDoS protection & malware removal.

● Sucuri has a CloudProxy, which balances the loading & website firewall services. It protects your website through firewalls by stopping the reach of bad bots, code injections & other internet threats.

● It offers a free Let’s Encrypt SSL for the basic plan, for custom SSL you have to choose a professional & business plan.

● It scans your website frequento for malware, code injection & file changes.Sucuri also cleans up the hacked site & also supports WordPress, Joomla, Drupal & other CMS softwares.

Cloudflare Features

● It is mostly used for its free CDN service.

● Their Website Application Firewall product is very important to protect websites from DDoS attacks.

● Regardless of heavy traffic or security attack, it keeps your website visible to your users without depending on the unresponsive server.

● Their firewall helps you to block suspicious traffic before reaching your website.

● It also protects your website from registration spam & comments spam.

● You can use SSL certification with their free & pro plan but it is a Cloudflare approved certificate. If you want to use custom SSL, then you can try a business & enterprise plan.

● To add WAF you have to take paid plan

● There is no guarantee of server scanning & malware removal. So, which one beats in feature? Sucuri offers more features with the inclusion of WAF, hack repairing & load balancing.

3. Malware Removal Service

Other than DDoS attacks, websites get more threatened by malware attacks & code injection.

Sucuri Cleaning Service

Sucuri offers you WAF, which protects you from DDoS attacks, spam form submission, XSS, malware, code injection & JS exploits, etc. Beyond this, if some threats reach your website, it cleans up your website for free.

Cloudflare Cleaning Service

Cloudflare CDN service on;y makes your website faster. If you want malware removal, DDoS protection & Code injection protection you have to go for their paid plans. In paid plans, there is the inclusion of protection from Common Code injection hacks, Form submission, JS exploits & XSS Blacklist monitoring, malware scanning & file changes detection is not included in any plan.

So, who is the winner in services?

Here, you can clearly see that Sucuri is more beatable in services, features &
pricing than Cloudflare.

If you still have a question about security, which is better CloudFlare or Sucuri? Then in terms of protection Sucuri is better than Cloudflare.

Which offers the best CDN?

Though Sucuri also offers a CDN, CloudFlare’s CDN is best as it has a large network & CDN service which is free of cost.

Finally, who can you choose?
In every aspect, Sucuri is better which has less price also, but if you want to use free CDN for your website you can go for CloudFlare.

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