Top 10 Popular websites built in JS

Top 10 Popular websites built in JS

We all know that JavaScript is a Universal Programming language. JavaScript is used by 94.3% of websites from all the websites available on the internet. JavaScript is not only a language that is universally used across the web but it is also a great avenue into the web's development.

To get to know about the importance of JavaScript in websites & on the internet, we have made a list of 10 popular websites which use Javascript.

Let's take a look at the list of websites


A popular search engine, where we can use any type of searching from clothes to study material. We are so used to it that, if we want to search about anything online, we just say "Google it!".

2. YouTube

It was first created in 2005, YouTube is the World's most popular video-sharing platform. Normally YouTube uses nonfree software. In HTML5 mode it involves running a nonfree JavaScript program.


We all know Facebook is the most popular social media platform which is written using JavaScript & quite a few other stacks. Facebook also owns Whatsapp, Instagram, oculus & GrokStyle.


We call it the Internet's encyclopedia which is based upon open collaboration, like if you want to edit the information you are reading you can edit it freely. It has a very simple design, where you can easily read the information, it doesn't even show any ads. This Wikipedia is built by JavaScript, PHP & many more.


Yahoo is one of the pillars of the internet, before Google or Gmail it is the most visited platform of all time. It is a mixed type of platform where you can see news, you can use it as a search engine & still, you can create an email-is with Yahoo. It uses JavaScript, HTML5 & many more programming languages.


Amazon is a global marketplace to sell & buy goods. In the case of revenue, it is one of the most measured e-commerce platforms in the world. Amazon is built up by using JavaScript, Pearl, Java & other programming languages.


As Amazon is used for both selling & buying, eBay is used only for buying goods online. It mostly works on auction services to buy anything. This eBay is built using JavaScript, Oracle, Java & several other languages.


A global platform where you share images & download them if you like them. Currently, this platform is mostly used for marketing. Where people upload the images related to their product advertisement etc. In 2012, Pinterest reached up to 10 million uniques which makes it one of the fastest standalone websites. It is built up using Pinterest JavaScript SDK (PDK) which makes it more interactive with the APIs.


It is a social media platform that is used by people to see news. A fast-moving feed & creative content keeps it constant. The design of the field remains unchanged that is the reason as many people visit Twitter. Twitter has built up using Rails, JavaScript & a multitude of other languages.


A social media platform mostly used by professionals. On Linkedin, you get connected with the professionals & experts of your working field. Whenever a new person gets connected with you, your newsfeed gets in sync with the new connection. This magic happens just because of JavaScript, Java & more.

The above are the top 10 websites that use JavaScript as a basic web designing & web development language with the other programming languages, which shows that JavaScript is still more useful & you can also use the other JavaScript languages as ReactJS, AngularJS, etc.

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