Top 10 Best Blogging Platforms for Year 2021

Top 10 Best Blogging Platforms for Year 2021

Do you think you can write content very well? Are you very good at writing? Then you must be thinking of starting your own blog. Before starting your own blog you have to think about many factors which can help you to get the highest ranking on the search engines.

Here, in this article, you will find out which are the top 10 blogging platforms in the market where you start blogging with more features & helps you to get the highest ranking on search engines.

Before looking for the best blogging platforms, the question arises how can you select a blogging platform, that is which features should be there in blogging sites?

As a beginner, you have a platform that is easy to set up, easy to handle & which
you can learn easily. In the future, if you want to continue blogging then you should have to think that you can easily change the theme of your website or not? It means that you need to choose a platform which is flexible & you can improve your website as per your requirement.

And if you are thinking of making money from your blogs in the future, then be
sure that you can do it easily with your blogging platform.

Now, Let’s see the best blogging platforms for the year 2021

It is the most popular blogging platform, started in the year 2003. About 39% of websites in the internet market are made up of It is a free blogging platform that allows you to build your blog within minutes. It is an open-source platform that can be easily available to build any type of blog.

It is also a self-hosted platform that provides you the WordPress hosting for your blogging, if you want to change your theme or want an improvement in your blog in the future then is the best option for you.


● It gives you access to control every feature of your website

● There are thousands of theme & 58,000+ plugins are available on WordPress to provide the functionality to your blog

● WordPress is SEO-friendly, you can easily add SEO-friendly URLs, categories to your blog posts & to get more SEO factors free plugins are available there.


● To get WordPress handy you have to learn more.

● You have to manage your own backups & data.


Though WordPress is free, still you have to buy a domain name & hosting for your website. It will cost around $100/year.

2.Constant Contact Website Builder

It is an intelligent website builder which allows you to create a free blog, website & online store within a minute. Constant Contact Website Builder has a large library of templates, where you can easily create your website with drag & drop options. You can also access their other features like custom logo maker, in-built library with more than 500000+ stock images.


● Easy to use with drag and drop options for website building

● Quick & easy setup

● Free SSL certificate available for all paid plans


● It's difficult when you want to export your site from Constant Contact Website Builder to other platforms

● No third-party plugins are available


You can get a 60 days free trial with Constant Contact Website Builder if you want to upgrade your plan, it will start at $10 per month will all features like SSL certificate & technical support.


Wix is a hosted platform to build a website. It offers a drag & drops website builder solution which s very helpful to small businesses. If you want to start your own blog, you can start with their Wix Blog App. It is founded in 2006 & has more than 110 million customers around the world.


● Setup is quick & easy.

● Easy drag & drop option to build an attractive website.

● So many templates & third-party apps are available to customize your website.


● A free account is limited & shows Wix ads on your website.

● You can not change a template after starting a website.


IT offers a free service but you will get a subdomain in free service. If you want to select a paid plan it starts from $8.50/month to $24.50/month


It is a website building & blogging platform created by a HostGator. It offers a drag & drop option to build a website, write a blog & create an online store. If you want a non-WordPress all-in-one blogging platform then Gator is the best option for you.


● Free domain & SSL certificates included in all plans.

● Backups, performance, & security are all handled by HostGator.

● Quick setup.


● Ecommerce features are restricted to higher plans only.

● A limited number of apps & extensions.


The starter plan costs $3.45/month.

It is a hosting service offered by Automatic, a company created by offers a basic blog service for free. It was started in 2005 for the large audience who don't want additional features of


● No setup required.

● Easy to use & manage.

● If you are happy with the subdomain you can go for


● Limited options to extend your website.

● You can not run ads on your website.


Pricing starts from $4/month higher plan starts with $8/month.


Blogger is a free blogging service provided by Google. If you are a non-technical person then you definitely have to go for Blogger as it is quick & easy. It is one of the earliest blogging platforms started in 1999 & later in 2003 it was acquired by Google & redesigned. So, it means that you need a Google account to start with a blogger.


● It is free.

● Easy to use for a non-technical person also.

● You will get the advantage of security & reliability by Google.


● Limited basic blogging tools & can't add advanced features as your blog gains popularity.

● Design options are limited with fewer available templates.


It is free with a subdomain, if you want to buy a domain you have to buy it
from a third party.


It is somewhat a blogging platform than other blogging platforms. It is a microblogging platform with social media sharing features including following other blogs, reblogging & built-in sharing tools.


● Very easy to setup & use

● Has an integrated social media components

● As it is a microblogging site you can quickly make blogs with videos, gifs & images.


● It has a limited set of features & can't extend as your blog grows.

● There are many themes available, but it can't offer additional features.


It is free to use. If you want to buy a custom domain you can buy it from a third party.


It was launched in 2012 & more popular with the community of writers, bloggers, journalists & experts. Easy to use blogging platform with limited social networking features.

With work much like a social media site, you have to create an account & you can start blogging on it. After starting you will get the profile name with the medium but you can't start with your domain name.


● Easy to use, no setup required & no coding skills required.

● Allows you to reach an existing online community with the same

● you can focus solely on writing, instead of designing a website.


● Features are very limited to use in the case of brand building & designing.

● You cannot run your own ads to make money.


It is free to use.


Squarespace is a website building website that allows you to build a website with easy drag-n-drop tools. It is useful for small business owners who are looking for a small online presence. It was started in 2003 & has millions of websites.


● Simple to use for non-tech-savvy people also.

● Professionally designed templates

● It separately offers domain names with SSL & e-commerce stores.

● Integration is limited to a few services & tools.

● It is limited to the features built into their proprietary platform.


For website plans starts from $16/month or if pay for annually it starts from $12/month. For the business plan, it starts from $26/month & if paid annually starts from $18/month. For online stores, it starts from $26/month & it's up to $40/month.


It is a minimalist blogging platform started in 2013 for blogging only. Ghost is available as both hosted platform & software, you can host yourself & install it as per your requirement.


● Focused solely on blogging & writing.

● No setup required for the hosted version.

● Written in Javascript, so it is super fast.


● Not easy to use with a customized app.

● Complicated setup, When you install it yourself.


The self-hosted version needs to be paid for custom domain & hosting which costs around $100/year. The hosted version starts from $29/month for 2 staff versions with 100k page views.

By, above the article you can say that is the best blogging platform of all. It is affordable, easy to use with more plugins to add more features & functionality to your blog.

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