Top 15 Trends In Web Designing For Year 2021

Top 15 Trends In Web Designing For Year 2021

Year 2020, was a nightmare for everyone in the world, we all have gone through a
rough time of that year. Everyone was working from home, some of them have used this time to learn new or some of them have used it to fulfill their desire of
master chefs.

Year 2021, has come with hopes for a new beginning to start a routine life, everyone was expecting that it would be a Fresh, Sunny & Shiny morning after last year’s nightmare. But Today’s situation is worse than last year’s nightmare. But, every negative side has a parallel positive side, which we have to find. This situation has come with many positive changes in the industry or in the market. All businesses have got the meaning of online marketing or digital marketing, they have come to know about the importance of websites or online presence of business.

As everyone wants to get online, competition is more, thus everyone tries to make
their websites look attractive & interactive which helps to generate more business
than others. Because of this reason, many trends have come in 2021, we can say that it is an outcome of the year 2020.

1. Dark Mode
Dark mode is a low-light user interface, which uses Black color or shade of a
grey color with contrast text on it. It is effective at nighttime & also causes less eye strain, which leads to fewer headaches & better experience. A main effect of this dark mode is less battery consumption. That is a reason this theme is trending in web designers.

2. Collage & mixing medium
Mixing layers of images with text is very popular from decades in many formats like greeting cards or gifts items. Now it is in digital format where we can increase the user interactivity with mixing more images with texts regarding it.

3. Anti Design
Anti-Design is a sign of rebellion, bending, stretching & reinterpreting the rules of designing. It is nothing but a protest to traditional web designs. Biden Harris invented a this anti-design theme in 2020. Another great outcome of the year 2020.

4. Minimalism
Have you ever heard the proverb that “Action speaks more than words” then it can be spoken as “images speak more than words” in terms of a web design. Another new trend can be seen in e-commerce websites in Year. Where you can see images of products with introduction of it in very few words.

5. Organic Design
Keeping in mind the environmentalism & nature, this theme uses original images from nature. Like trees, flowers, landscapes etc. It also uses original photographs of products with earthy color themes & geometric shapes.

6. Illustrations
Similar to organic designs, hand-drawn images have a real life touch which has made a stock photography or solid element as a past. Now there is a trend of using illustration which gives you visual explanation of products, texts, concepts or processes.

7. Functionality & Accessibility
As we know that functionality is more important than actual design or actual look. This is the reason why every website tries to add more functionality beyond the design. And beyond the functionality there is accessibility. More accessibility, more interaction of users with websites.

8. Motion & Interactivity
Motion pictures or images bring more life into the website. Like a moving object or moving backgrounds. In this theme users can trigger the motion on a website which is more engaging & interacting. You can use vector images to add motion effects on your website.

9. Geometric Designs
If you are a fan of geometry which gives similarity & structure then this theme is for you. It starts with a simple grid which provides you a proper structure with a rectangle or square where you can add images or texts. A complex geometric design includes polygons & spirals.

10. Glassmorphism
Glassmorphism is nothing but a design which puts a dark or light object on a dark or colorful background. A background-blur placed on objects which allows an object shine through it which gives an impression of glass. This trend is going to be used by many websites which are product based as this theme is used to highlight or focus an object.

11. 3D Colors
3D colors theme is nothing but an ongoing color change on the website. When you open a website, the theme mixes the colors to highlight the object. Actually it gives you the lifting effect to a object.

12. Color Gradient
Traditional ways of using color in websites are color schemes where you match the background color with text colors & vice versa. But in 2021 it has been changed to color gradient. A color gradient is nothing but a mixing of 2 or more colors which gives a cool visual effect on your website.

13. Colorless UI
Yes. Colorless UI, it is a theme which uses a white background color with black or another color as text or object. It is a total white background with black color graphic images or motion images.

14. Bauhaus Style
This theme uses geometrical shapes for design. Geometrical shapes like squares, rectangles & triangles are the main aspects of the design. The graphics or image is done by these shapes. It gives you a tile effect on your website.

15. Big & Bold Typography
It is again an old is gold theme. Use of a more bold & larger font is used to be the retro style in websites. But, 2021 it is back as a new trend. IT is used to increase the readability & highlight the content.

These are the top 15 trends for your website design, you can follow it to get more user engagement & ultimately more business.

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