Top 5 Warning Signs Your WordPress Site is not SEO Friendly

Top 5 Warning Signs Your
WordPress Site is not SEO Friendly

Are you very good at WordPress? Can you design & develop any WordPress site
without hesitation? But you can't get along with SEO, right?

The reason why you can't get along with SEO is that it's not that much a stable entity of your website & it always depends upon the search engines. Every year Google & other search engines change their algorithm according to the user's point of view, which only focuses on user experience & how the user will get the required information within less time. Due to this, it becomes too hard to stay on ranking for your websites.

In this article, you will learn about the 5 warning signs which show you that your WordPress site is in danger for SEO.

Before heading to the signs let's check what is SEO First?

SEO, Search Engine Optimization is a process of increasing ranking your website on the SERP. The higher you get the search result ranking more you get the traffic & genuine customers for your website. Basically, SEO is a process in which you create a website with more google friendly content so google can evaluate your WordPress site.

You can check the SEO-friendliness of your WordPress site with the help of online
tools & according to those tools you can make changes to your WordPress site. But,
the search engine bots not only check the content of your WordPress site they
check the other things also. These other things are listed below. Let's check it out:

1.Loading Time

Have you visited a website which is as slow as a turtle? Which takes more time to load? you have visited it & experienced it as an irritating website. It is very irritating to look at the white screen & that loading throb. Statistics show that if any website has a load time of more than 3 seconds users close them directly without waiting to load it. So, just imagine how much traffic you will lose if your website load time is more than 3 seconds.

There can be more reasons which make your WordPress site slow. The most common reason why your WordPress site is slow is bulky & non-optimized images.

Everyone says you need to add 2-3 images with your blog to enhance the reading experience of your blog. But, what if your content will be more powerful & creative which will help you out to increase the SERP ranking.

So, to decrease the load of these bulky images you can take the help of WordPress plugins. There are many WordPress plugins available which you can use freely & that is very much effective for your WordPress site. These plugins help you to optimize your images & compress them to decrease their size which automatically turns to less loading time.

2.Responsive Design

Nowadays we all use smartphones, tabs, laptops, desktops for every use. Mostly we use them for internet surfing. Study shows that more than 50% ofyour website traffic comes from smartphones because it is easy to use & time-saving.

A responsive WordPress site is a website that opens on any device without hesitation about the size of the device. It means that your WordPress site's look & feel will be the same for every device.

If your website is not responsive you will lose the traffic which comes from smartphones & tablets. But, you are very lucky that you have a WordPress, which offers you mobile-friendly themes, in which you just have to design your website, these themes will automatically convert them into a responsive WordPress site.

You can check the mobile-friendly ness of your website. You have to keep an eye on it so that Google will keep an eye on you.

3.Duplicate Content

On the internet, you come across duplicate content. It means that the content from one website exactly looks identical with the other site. This thing leaves a bad impression of your website on search engines bots. Bots will get confused about which content is more valuable, relevant & which need to be ranked first. If bots find that the content is copied, it obviously ranks it lowest.

So, can you prevent the occurrence of duplicate content from your WordPress site?

Use 301 Redirect Plugin with the right link, which will be evaluated by the crawler. If all are redirected to the original link it will get evaluated & will get upmost ranking. Another way is you can rel="canonical", this piece of code is more useful when 2 links look alike. This thing will work, if the same blog can be reached by the two different sources. This rel="canonical" is also one of the SEO factors, which is checked by the crawler to evaluate your WordPress site's SEO ranking. So use it to push your SERP ranking upward.

4.Use of keywords

Let's get to know about the keywords first. What are the keywords?

Keywords are words or phrases used in your content which gives an exact purpose of the content you have added in your WordPress site. The Search engine bots pay attention to the quality & quantity of keywords you have used. Use of keywords in your WordPress site helps crawlers to read your website.

When SEO used to be in it's first step, keywords stuffing was one of the important pillars of SEO. It used to help you to get ranking quickly. At that time using an actual keyword & similar keywords helps you a lot to increase the traffic of your website. On those days, you just need to add the keywords list in your meta tags. If a searched keyword is present in a keyword list, then your website used to get ranked on the first page only. But as competition increases, Google has increased the criteria of selection of websites according to the keywords as Google takes care of it's users very much & wants to provide the most relevant website to the user.Due to this, recent use of keywords for your WordPress site is like a headache.

According to the SEO rule, your content should have occurrences of keywords at least 2-3% of the whole content. You can use the online tools to get this keyword density. Use a more helpful tool which gives you a whole SEO report with use of keywords.

5.Google Snippet

A Page URL, Page Title & Page Description together called a Google snippet. This snippet is the one which you can see first on SERP. Google has decided some rules for this snippet. These rules are mostly worked on the length of the content you have used in title, URL & description & use of keywords in the same.

Google rule is that length of the content of Page Title should be 50-60 chars, Page URL should be up to 75 chars & length of the description should be upto 155-160 chars with the use of keywords for which you want to rank your website. There is another rule for URL as well, URL should be the structural URL, which should follow a structure as domain/Directory/sub-directory/page

If you follow the all above rules for your Page title, Page URL & Page description you will definitely get more traffic to your website by getting ranked on the top of SERP.

After considering all the above-mentioned signs you will definitely increase the SEO ranking but there are other factors you should pay attention to. These factors may or may not be that important to your website, but you need to keep  an eye on them as well.

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