Top 5 Websites To Check Any Website Traffic

Top 5 Websites To Check Any
Website Traffic

In this pandemic situation, every organization is taking its business to the next level, that is online business. Due to this competition in online business has been increased. Everyone wants to stay on top of the search engines' organic ranking results so, they can get a genuine business which leads to growing their business in every aspect.

As you read, getting business & to keep yourself alive in the market you need to generate more traffic for your website, but while generating traffic you need to keep an eye on the traffic quality, traffic source & your website as well. Website is also included here because, when you find less traffic on your website, you need to make some changes on your website. If you update your website according to the user's demand, you will definitely get more quality traffic & business as well.

The main reason behind checking website traffic is to check the performance of your website. This traffic analysis shows you what is the source of your website traffic? Are your digital marketing strategies working? & how users are engaging with your website?. By monitoring your website traffic you will come to know where your website stands. & what changes do you need to do to your website?

Using these tools you can check the competitor's website traffic as well. Reasons you need to do competitor website traffic is

● which posts are getting more traffic for them

● which keywords they have used to get ranked

● which channels are bringing more traffic to them

These things are needed as you can improve your content marketing strategies, can generate backlinks & you can work on keywords as well.

But the question arises here is how will you check the website traffic?

If you want to check it you need a tool or website, which helps you with suggestions to get more quality website traffic.

Now, let's take look at different online websites of tools to check your website traffic

1. SEMRush

It is an all-in-one competitor analysis & traffic analysis tool. This tool can be used for any website to check website traffic. I personally use this tool to get backlinking sources of competitors, keywords searching & ranking of competitors' websites according to the keyword.

This tool is very easy to use, you just have to enter a competitor's website URL in the search box & then you will get a detailed analysis of traffic. In this traffic analysis, there is the inclusion of metrics like monthly traffic volume, keywords that brings them more traffic, region-wise traffic distribution & many more.

The Traffic analysis tab of SEMRush gives you a number of users, unique users, page views, avg. view duration & bounce rate just like a Google Analytics report of any website. There is also one special thing available on SEMRush is Bulk Traffic Analysis where you can check the data of multiple competitors at once. If you own a pricing plan for SEMRush you can compare your website with 200 competitor's websites.

In this competitor's data, you will find the referral sites which are bringing more traffic to websites, which web pages are visited & from which locations they are getting more traffic.

You can take a 14-days free trial but you can access the limited features only. so you can take a premium plan which costs $119.95/year.

2. Similar Web

It is an online website traffic check which gives you an overview of your competitor's traffic & which channels are important to generate the traffic. Instead of search traffic only you will get the details of whole traffic strategies used by your competitors.

Once you put a website URL on the search tab you will get an overview of the whole traffic country-wise. You will get the other metrics also as bounce rate, no, of pages viewed per visit, avg. view duration & top traffic sources of the website. With organic search reports, you will also get to know about the paid keywords & which social media channels are bringing the traffic.

In the end, you will get a detailed report of the site's audience, what other types of sites they are looking for, referral sites to generate website traffic & other competitors so you can research more.

A free version of the tool provides you with the required website traffic analysis data if you want to get more details you have to create an enterprise an account with custom pricing.

3. Google Search Console

It's a free tool from Google, which helps you to analyze your own website search engine traffic. It provides you a complete overview of how your website is analyzing by a search engine.

It shows you a CTR(click-through rate), impressions, clicks & avg, the position of your website on search engine. The best part of the Google Search console is it helps you to find out the web pages which have errors, which keywords are bringing you more website traffic, how many backlinks you are getting, what is the source of backlink, etc.

The above factors of Google Search Console help you improve the overall performance of your website to generate more quality traffic.

Once you start registering your website to Google Search Console, you will start viewing the detailed data of your website at any time. To start with google Search Console you can add an All-in-one SEO plugin or Google Toolkit to your WordPress site.

4. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is one best tool to analyze any website traffic. It gives you a lot of useful data of any website in its free version. Once you just put any website URL with the country, you will get the details of the number of backlinks, Domain Authority, Organic keywords & organic monthly traffic.

This tool is very easy to use, if you are new to do traffic analysis then this the tool is definitely for you. If you want to do a deeper search on any website you can expand the top page results to get to know the published pages of that website with no. of backlinks, monthly visits & social sharing of that page. This data is enough to outrank your competitor's website in SERP.

In the free version of Ubersuggest, you will get the last 3 months' data, for more data you have to go for premium plans which start with the $29/month, which is cheaper than any other tool.

5. Ahref

Ahref is the most popular SEO tool which is used by Netflix, Uber & Facebook. It shows you who are your competitors, how much traffic they are getting & why they are ranking high in the SERP.

It crawls more than 6 billion+ web pages with more than 200 million websites in their data. Instead of this much large data, it helps you out by giving you useful insights into your competitors which helps you to increase your ranking in SERP.

It is very user-friendly. After simply entering the URL you will get the search overview report in which you will find organic search traffic they receive, domain authority & biggest competitors.There are many filters available, which gives you a detailed report of competitors which helps you to plan out your SEO strategy.

Their pricing starts with $7 for 7 days & further you have to $99/month. Though it seems to be more costly, it gives a lot of data to work on. The above are the best 5 tools to check your own website's traffic data & competitor's traffic data. You can improve website performance & plan social media strategies to generate more traffic by checking your website. By analyzing competitors' data you can generate quality backlinks to get a higher ranking.

So, if you really want to work on both performance & traffic take the help of the above tools.

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