Top 7 Reasons To Convert Your Blog to

Top 7 Reasons To Convert Your Blog to

One of the easiest & fastest ways of starting your own blog is to create an account with & start writing a blog. Everyone chooses the same step to start their own blog. But has its own limitations & you start facing these limitations as the blog grows. If you don't want to face these limitations in the future then take a wise decision & convert your blog into

In this blog, you are going to find out the top 5 reasons to convert your blog into

1. Plugins

Plugins are the main factor of You can use it as a powerful tool to make your blog more interactive & to increase the number of users to your blog. There are more than 30000+ free plugins available on & thousands of paid plugins are also available which you can buy at a minimal cost.

Plugins allow you to do anything like making a list of emails, creating an e-commerce store, making your blog or site SEO friendly, etc. & many more. If you want to add a more interactive feature then just browse through the list of plugins, you will find lots of options of plugins to add to your blog. For example, if you want to add optimizable images to your blog for SEO purposes, you can go for the plugins Optimole or WP Rocket or Compress JPEG & JPG image. These are the only topmost plugins you can imagine that how many plugins are there in the repository to work with.

2. Themes offers only a limited set of themes to install for your blog. The free themes are not always that attractive & if you want to install the premium themes then you have to pay at least $50. There are only a couple of hundred themes available in the repository.

If you go for, there are lots of options of themes available. You can choose a theme for your blog from 1000+ themes. You even find hundreds of free themes for your blog which are attractive & interactive to work with. You can go for themes like Astra, OceanWP, or Hestia to make your blog more interactive.

3. Running advertisements on your site

Have you ever seen some annoying or disturbing ads on your blog? Have you got tensed after seeing some inappropriate ads on your blog? then I can definitely say that you're using a free blog service of Thereason behind this is gains revenue by displaying ads on free blogs. You can't control what types of ads are going to appear on your blog. If you want to stop these advertisements on your blog then you have to buy an upgrade plan. You do not even allow running ads from third-party advertising platforms like Google AdSense, Lijit, etc.

If you still want to earn money from the blog, then you can add affiliate links, publish sponsored posts or you can participate in an advertising program called WordAds. But this WordAds only allow blogs which have high traffic & rich content. Even there are limitations to what kind of affiliate links you can add.

On the other hand, in you can decide whether to show ads on your blog or not. You can have control over what types of ads you can display on your blog. You can add any type of affiliate links to your blog & you can choose any third-party advertising platform to work with. Moreover, you can find the plugins to manage your ads in & of course you will earn money from those ads.

4. Your own brand

We all know that is a self-hosted platform. So, you get your domain name which becomes a brand identity. With some hosting services, you will also get domain-based email-ids which adds a trust factor to your business.

If you want to buy your own domain with, then you have to pay $13 per year. But the domain name still will be hosted with servers only. You will not get domain-based email services, if you still want domain-based email-ids then you have to purchase it from third-party email services providers.

5. Monetization options

Free blogs on don't allow you to convert your blog into an e-commerce platform. If you want to add an e-commerce feature to your blog, then you have to upgrade to their business plan which costs around $299 per year & with only 2 options Shopify & Ecwid.

On the other hand, you can easily convert your blog into an e-commerce site with You can take the help of plugins like WooCommerce to add e-commerce features to your blog.

This allows you to sell products from your website, offer premium content & help to grow your business. If you are still at the beginning of your blog, you have to keep this option open.

6. Customizing code is a self-hosted platform that allows you to customize & edit the code as per your requirement. You have access to the PHP files, plugins & you can also change them. You can create your own child theme & add a customizable code to it.

On the other hand, offers you a limited ability to add custom CSS to your installed theme. You are not allowed to modify PHP files & custom code to it.

7. Freedom to move, scale & grow allows you to move your data anytime to your self-hosted site. But it is a little critical process to work. With you are limited to only one hosting company. If you want to move your large website then you have to switch to a VIP program. But it is quite an expensive option.

With you can backup an entire WordPress site date & can move to another hosting company anytime. If your website grows suddenly, then you can choose different price ranges to work on the same.

The reasons listed above are the main reasons to convert your blog from to We hope that this blog will help you to rethink which platform is better for your blog.

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