Wordfence Vs Sucuri : which is better?

Wordfence Vs Sucuri : which is

Wordfence & Sucuri are the most popular WordPress security plugins in the market. They are the highly recommended WordPress plugins& very helpful to keep your site secure. So, it is hard to choose which one of them is right to use for the WordPress site security.

Though both of them owned similar features still they have their pros & cons. So, in
this blog, we are going to find out the Wordfenceor Sucuri which is a better security WordPress plugin.

Now, let's find out how we are going to compare Wordfence& Sucuri?

Wordfence & Sucuri both are the top WordPress Security plugins. They both offer very much protection against brute force attacks,malware infection & data theft. While choosing one of the plugins you need to focus on maintenance, ease of use & which don't require technical skills to work on it.so that you can concentrate on growing your business.

To compare between Wordfence & Sucuri, we are going to use the following things

Ease of use

A website's security is the most complex part of the website, so to maintain it we require a plugin which is easy to use. So, let's take a look at which one is better in the case of ease of use.


Setting up Wordfence is very easy, after installation of Wordfence plugin you just need to provide an email address where you can get the security related notifications & you need to agree their terms & conditions to start using Wordfence.

This plugin will turn on the website application fire wall in learning mode & learn automatic scan in the background. The scanning completion depends upon the size of your website after completion of the scanning you will get the security notification. When you click on the notification,you will get the details of the recommended action you need to take for your website.

A firewall is by default a WordPress plugin, wordfence allows you to run it in extended version for better security but you need to set it up manually. Though Wordfence plugin is quite simple to install& doesn't require much user input still it's user interface is very critical as a beginner needs to find out some certain setting or options to work on.


It offers a cleaner user interface without unnecessary pop-ups occured in the screen. It also runs the security scan after activation& you will get the notification about the security on the plugins dashboard.

As sucuri's website application firewall is a cloud-based firewall, which means that it doesn't run on your server, so there is note chnical maintenance required.

To start work with sucuri you just need to add API key & configure DNS settings for your domain name, so it helps to stop malicious traffic before reaching your WordPress hosting server. Sucuri plugins also make it easy to perform recommended security hardening settings on your website, you just need to click on apply various security hardening settings.

So, the user interface of sucuri is very easy to use but if you want to learn more you still need to dig deeper to find out more options. Updating name servers on domain registers is an additional step required to work on Sucuri plugin so, a non-technical user will find it more difficult to work on.

So, the winner in the case of ease of use is Sucuri.

Website Application Firewal

A website application firewall monitors your websitetraffic & blocks the traffic which is a common security threat. There are differentways to implement firewalls. Cloud-based firewalls are more efficient& reliable for the long run process. Both Wordfence & sucuri offer a website applicationfirewall, so let's see how they are different from each other.


It offers an application based firewall to block themalicious website traffic. This application based firewall is run on your server& is a less efficient than cloud-based firewall. In wordfence by default thefirewall is run as a WordPress plugin, so to block the attack WordPressneeds to load it first which requires a lot of server resources.

If you want to monitor a website before reaching aWordPress installation you need to manually set up the WordPress firewallin the extended mode. IT is only for the malicious traffic, in case of a DDOSattack or brute force attempt your server still gets affected which followsthe low website performance or website crash.


t uses the cloud-base website application firewallwhich means that it blocks the malicious traffic before reaching your websiteserver. It helps you to save lots of server resources which turns into incrementin website speed.

To use the sucuri's firewall, you need to change thedomain name DNS setting which allows your website traffic to go throughthe sucuri's server. There is no requirement for an extended version ofWAF. Once your setup is completed, it will start protecting your website fromDDOS attacks, password guessing attacks & malicious requests.

So, the winner for the Website Application Firewallis Sucuri.

Security monitoring & notifications

To protect your website from security issues, youneed to get to know about it quickly & to achieve this your WordPress site needsto send emails. You can use the SMTP service to send WordPress emails.

Wordfence monitoring alerts

Wordfence has an excellent notification & alert system.First, notification is highlighted on the WordPress dashboard & sidebar.They are highlighted according to their severity. To fix them you needto click on them. To need to know about it, you have to login on the WordPressdashboard first.

Wordfence also sends you quick notification alerts via emails. you just need to click on the Email Alert Preference option in theAll options of Wordfence.

Sucuri monitoring & alert

It also displays the security alerts on the dashboard.You will see the status of the core WordPress file on the top right cornerof your screen. It comes with the complete alert  management system in whichyou can add the email addresses on which you want to get notified.

Furtheryou can customize these email alerts. You can also choose the eventsabout which you want to get notified. You can also customize the setting forbrute force attacks, post types & alert email subjects.

So, there is tie in between Wordfence & Sucuri forthe Security monitoring & notifications.

Malware Scanner

Both plugins have an in-built malware scanner thatchecks your website for malicious code, malware & changed files. Now, let'ssee how both of them work for malware scanning.

Wordfence malware scanner

It comes with the powerful scanner which is highlycustomizable to meet your hosting environment & security concerns. If youare using a free version, Wordfence automatically sets up the scanningschedule.

You can choose the scan schedule in the premium version. Youcan also set up the scanner to run in different modes but scan optionsare available in the premium version only.

It also checks your theme & plugins for the repositoryversion.

Sucuri malware scanner

Sucuri malware scanner uses Sucuri's Sitecheck API.This API automatically checks your site against multiple safe-browsing APIsto ensure that your website is not black-listed.

It automatically checks the integrity of your WordPressfiles to make sure that they are not modified. You can also customizethe scanner setting from the Settings tab.

Sucuri's free scanner also runs for the publicly availablefiles on your website. It is not a WordPress specific scanner, so it is goodat detecting any type of malware & malicious code.

So, the winner for Malware scanner is sucuri.

Hacked website cleanup

Cleaning up a hacked website is not easy as malwarecan affect several files, inject links to your content or can block you outfrom your website. It is not easy fro absolute beginners. Luckily both Wordfence& sucuri offer a site cleanup & malware removal service.

So, let's takea look which is better

Wordfence site cleanup

It doesn't come with the free or premium plans. Itis a separate add-on service you need to buy. Site clean up also comesup with premium wordfence license for your website.

Wordfence malware clean up process is so much straight forward it scans your site for malware/infections & cleans up all affectedfiles.

They have a special investigation team which findsout how hackers have reached your website. They also make a detailed reportfor the entire clean-up process with suggestions for the future.

Sucuri site cleanup

All paid Sucuri plans have clean up services. Thiscomes with the site clean up, blacklist removal, SEO spam repair, & WAF protectionfor future prevention.

They are really good at cleaning up malware, injectedspam code & backdoor access files. If you want to start a cleanup serviceon your website simply you just need to raise a ticket & their team willstart working on it.

They use the login credentials for FTP/SSH accessor cPanel. In this process they keep the log of & complete backup of your fileswhich are touched by them.

So, in case of hacked website cleanup both pluginswork the same.


So, both Wordfence & Sucuri are the best securityplugins for your WordPress website. However, by the above points you can saythat Sucuri is a little bit better as compared to Wordfence.

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