WordPress.com or WordPress.org which is better in 2021?

WordPress.com or WordPress.org
which is better in 2021?

Many times a new blogger gets confused with WordPress.org or WordPress.com.
They even don't know that these are two different platforms with unique functionalities. If anyone knows about it, I also find it difficult to choose one of them. The reason behind this confusion is that the bloggers actually don't know the differences between WordPress.org or WordPress.com.

In this blog, we have differentiated WordPress.org or WordPress.com which can help you out to choose the right platform for blogging.

Let's take a look at WordPress.org or WordPress.com


WordPress.org is also known as a real WordPress. The platform for which you have heard about all the great things.

It is 100% free & very easy to use. But to start using this platform you need a domain name & web hosting. That is the reason we called it self-hosted WordPress.

Below are the Pros & Cons of WordPress.org which will help you to select a platform for your website or blog:

Benefits of WordPress.org

● With WordPress.org, you can hold the whole control of your website. You can customize your website or blog as much as you want.

● It is a free, open-source & super easy to use platform

● You own all your website data. Unless & until you are not doing anything illegal on your website, no one can turn it off. You have full rights to your website.

● You can add free or paid plugins & themes to your website & customize them as per your requirements.

● You can run your own ads on your website without sharing revenue with others.

● You can use different types of tools that are necessary for the SEO of your website, free of cost.

● With WordPress.org you can create your own eCommerce website easily in which you can sell your products, accept payments & deliver/ship goods.

● You can also build an online community by building a website that provides online tutors & classes.

Cons of WordPress.org

● To start with WordPress.org, you need your own domain name & hosting platform which stores the data of your website which costs around $3-$10 per month. As your website traffic grows you need to charge more to your hosting platform but it will be easy as you have already started to make money from your website.

● After getting the domain name & hosting platform you have to install WordPress.org. which is very easy to install & many platforms offer a one-click installation of WordPress on your website.

● You are responsible for updates. It is not that hard, you simply have to click on an update button it will get updated by itself.

● You are responsible for backups as well. There are so many plugins available in WordPress.org to keep a backup of your website & some of them are free also.

The cost of WordPress.org based on what you are going to build with the help of it. For example, blogs, websites, or e-commerce stores. With this cost, there are other factors also like free plugins vs premium plugins & free templates vs premium templates.

The minimal cost to develop a website or blog using WordPress.org is $46/year.So, if you are new to the field of blogging & have a low budget then you definitely have to choose WordPress.org.


WordPress.com is a hosting service created by Automatic, it is a company lead by Matt Mullenweg, a co-founder of WordPress. Because of the same founder, users always get confused with WordPress.com to WordPress.org.

WordPress.com has the following pricing plans for the hosting services

● Free - very limited features

● Personal - $48 per year

● Premium - $96 per year

● Business - $300 per year

● e-commerce - $540 per year

● VIP - starting at $5000/month

Now, let's take a look at the pros & cons of WordPress.com:

WordPress.com benefits

A free WordPress.com is a good choice for bloggers who do blogging as their hobby or are doing blog writing only for their families & friends.

Here are some benefits of WordPress.com

● IT is free up to 3GB of space. In the future, if you need more space you have to switch your plans to personal & remaining plans as per your requirement. In the personal plan, you will get 6GB storage, in the Premium plan, you will get 13GB storage & for the Business plan, you will get 200GB storage.

● You do not need to worry about backups & updates. WordPress.com will take care of it.

WordPress.com cons

There are several limitations of WordPress.com, which differentiate it from WordPress.org.

Following are the cons of WordPress.com

● They place ads on a free website from which you can’t make money. If you don't want to show ads on your website you need to upgrade to paid plans.

● You can't run paid ads on your website. If you want to run paid ads & monetize your website you have to use the WordAds platform offered by WordPress.com, where you have to share the ad revenue with them. Premium & Business users can directly use this WordAds platform.

● You can't upload & install plugins on the free website. for free users, they provide a built-in jetpack feature that is pre-activated. If you are a premium user you can select the compatible plugins & install them. Only VIP users can install plugins as per their requirement & it is very costly.

● The themes are also available as per the pricing packages. Each package has different types of themes like free, premium, personal, business & VIP.

● A free plan comes with a subdomain name as yourdomain.wordpress.com. If you want to remove the subdomain name you have to switch to the paid plans.

● If WordPress.com finds that you are violating their terms & services, they can delete your website anytime.

● Your site will display a powered WordPress.com button & if you want to remove it you need to switch to a business plan.

● IT doesn't offer an e-commerce feature & membership website.

So, after these cons, you can say WordPress.com offers limited features even with paid plans, if you want to use more advanced features you have to switch to Business & VIP plans.

If you still want to WordPress.org or WordPress.com which is better? then here is the answer

If you are a personal blogger & you don't want to make money from your blog you can go with a free package of WordPress.com & if you really want to make money from your blogs then go for WordPress.org self-hosted blogging platform.

Expert advice says that it is better to start with WordPress.org because it is used by all professional bloggers, small scale & large scale businesses as well.

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